Pest Control Services in Queanbeyan

We Make Pest Control in Queanbeyan Easy

Canberra Pest Control Group is a leading provider of pest control services in Queanbeyan. Our experienced technicians can help you deal with termites, rats, mice, spiders, ants, cockroaches, wasps and moths. As a full-service pest control company, we’re qualified to treat termites in Queanbeyan.

Our Value Proposition

  • We provide competitive pricing and customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Our team is fully licensed and insured – not to mention highly experienced.
  • We provide pest control solutions for both residential and commercial customers in Queanbeyan.
  • We’re based in neighbouring Fyshwick – only 7-kilometres from the Queanbeyan CBD.
  • We provide termite control services in Queanbeyan – not all pest controllers are qualified to do this.
  • We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly pest control company – servicing Queanbeyan and the ACT.

Targeted Pest Control in Queanbeyan

Canberra Pest Control Group has you covered for common household pests in Queanbeyan. We use only approved chemicals in the eradication process – ensuring the safety of you, your family, staff and pets.


Black house ants, white-footed house ants and Argentine ants are all prevalent in Queanbeyan. Ants are attracted to both food and water in your home or business. We’re experts in locating, identifying and destroying ant nests. Our skilled technicians will ensure that the right insecticide is used during treatment.


Termites love eating wood – placing many residential and commercial properties at risk. In as little as 3-6 months, a large termite colony can cause significant damage to a timber building structure. Our technicians use quality termiticides (in both bait and liquid form) to eliminate termites in Queanbeyan.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are cagey, fast-moving creatures that scavenge for their survival. Queanbeyan has its fair share of brown rats, black rats, house mice and field mice. As experienced pest controllers, we understand what makes rats and mice tick. We typically use rodenticide baits to deal with rats and mice.


Cockroaches are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms. They eat just about anything, including human faeces. Our pest control technicians come across Australian, American, German and Oriental cockroaches in Queanbeyan. We use a range of insecticide baits, sprays and dusts to kill cockroaches and their eggs.


A number of dangerous spiders are found in Queanbeyan, including the redback, mouse spider and funnel-web. Spiders pose a particular threat to gardeners and young children. The most dangerous spider, the funnel web, digs a burrow in the ground and lines the entrance with silk. We deal with spiders quickly and decisively.

Other Pests

As your one-stop shop for pest control in Queanbeyan, we also take care of European wasps, mud wasps, paper wasps, yellow jacket wasps, bees, clothes moths, pantry moths, slaters, silverfish, earwigs, millipedes, fleas, carpet beetles and bed bugs. Put simply, we’ve got you fully covered for pest control in Queanbeyan.

Areas we service

We provide pest control services in and around Queanbeyan.

  • Bungendore
  • Carwoola
  • Crestwood
  • Environa
  • Googong
  • Greenleigh
  • Jerrabomberra
  • Karabar
  • Queanbeyan East
  • Queanbeyan West
  • Queanbeyan central
  • The Ridgeway
  • Royalla
  • Tralee

To enquire about our pest control services in Queanbeyan, or to make a booking, please call the experienced team at Canberra Pest Control Group on 1300 022 122.