Effective ways to Deal with European Wasps in Autumn in Canberra

Summer and Autumn are busy times for European wasps. These wasps are mainly attracted to social gatherings. Attracted to sugar, they build their nests near human habilitation where they can scavenge your food and drinks. These wasps are not pleasant creatures to have in or around your house. If you locate one European wasp this indicates that its nest must be close by. It is important that you identify this species and locate its nest and have it destroyed. In this blog, you find the complete guide to deal with a European wasp from ways to identify a European wasp, how to locate their nest, means to keep them away from your home, and many more necessary measures to keep in mind.

How to identify European Wasps from similar-looking insects

European wasps are easily confused with similar-looking insects like paper wasps and yellow jacket wasps because of their black and yellow color. Below are mentioned a few distinctive characteristics of these wasps that will help you identify them.

  • These wasps have a bright yellow and back stout body like a bee
  • The worker wasps vary in size from 15mm to 17mm
  • Their antennas are all black
  • Legs are held close to the body whereas other wasps dangle their legs when in flight and generally do not hover

These European wasps have several other distinct behaviors among other species In Australia that make them easily identifiable

  • These wasps are scavengers, Feeding on your food or your pet’s food, vegetable scraps, or meat products
  • If you see them flying in and out of a hole in the ground, they usually have hidden underground nests

To make sure you do not have any nest on your property you need to check and look for signs of many wasps flying in and out of one location and pinout one area. If it comes to your notice you must hire professional European wasp nest removal.

Signs to look out for an Infestation

Normally you will not see a nest as 90% of the nests are hidden so look out for the following signs at the first instance

  • A hole in the wall or retaining wall
  • Vents on the outside of the house
  • Hollow tree trunks
  • Eaves of your home, it could be inside the roof cavity
  • In uncovered compost or under unmoved rubbish

European wasps have a direct flight pattern and go about 500m away from their nests in search of food. While looking for the nest may find only one entrance with several wasps flying in and out. If you locate one report for European wasp nest removal.

How to deal with a European wasp sting

If stung multiple times can occur a severe systemic reaction. At its most extreme can also lead to a severe life-threatening allergic reaction. This may also be similar to a Bee’s sting but the aggressive nature of these wasps makes the thing even worse. You can use a cold pack to relieve the pain and If there is any evidence of a more serious sting then medical attention should be called immediately.

How to prevent European wasps from entering and nesting at your home?

You can take the following measures to prevent wasps from entering your home.

  • Do not leave fallen food or fruit scapes on the ground
  • Avoid leaving uneaten pet food out in the open
  • Make sure Your bins are covered at all times and have a tight lid
  • Cover exposed food covered at picnics and barbeque
  • Keep swimming pools covered when they are not in use
  • Reduce your outdoor clutter and cover any prominent holes

Early detection of the nest is also very important before they multiply and become a full colony. If you locate any nest call for a wasp pest control.

Over the years, European wasp sighting has continued to increase, it is highly recommended that you leave it untouched and call for the best pest control in Canberra.