Top 6 Signs of a Termite Infestation

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in Australia, with around 20 different species that can easily chew any solid wood in your home. Termites do not devour timber overnight, it is a gradual process. These pests are hard to detect and can have devastating consequences.

It is necessary to regularly check for any signs of termites, especially if you have heard of any infestation in your neighbourhood. The sooner you can discover and treat an infestation, the better it will be to eradicate it without much damage.

Here are 6 signs that could prompt you to call termite control services as per the Commercial pest control Canberra:

A common mistake that many make is confusing termites with white ants. This misconception is very easy to make because of similarities in their size, shape, and in some cases, their behaviour but the slight confusion can cause quite some damage.

As per the best Canberra Pest control group, some prominent differences between white ants and termites are:

  • Termites are light in colour, they are usually of creamy white colour and also sometimes appear translucent
  • Compared to white ants, termites’ antennae are straight rather than elbowed
  • The waist of a termite is a lot thicker than of an ant
  • Both the ants and termites have two sets of wings whereas the wings of termites are of the same size and ants have one larger wing compared to the other

One important thing to note here is there is no other such insect as a white ant. So if you think you might have spotted a white ant in or around your house it is a termite.

Clicking sounds behind the walls

One of the most surprising facts about termites is that you can hear them eat. But you might be wondering what termites sound like while eating. One of them could be quick clicking sounds coming from behind the walls. Soldier termites bang their heads against the woods to signal danger to others in the colony.

The worker termites who do all the eating are noisy eaters. If you place your head up close to the wall you hear them munching away your timber.

Discarded Wings

The first few signs of a termite infestation could be the presence of flying termites also known as swarmers or alates. After some time a termite colony has matured to produce flying termites. Like most flying pests they swarm at night and are attracted to light sources.

Another common sign of termites has discarded wings or a clump of winged insects, this warrants an immediate pest inspection.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in some termite species the male dies shortly but the Queen can live up to 20+ years.

Tight Fitted Doors and stuck Windows

These signs are often taken for the damp and hot weather but stiff windows and stuck doors could also mean termites. When termites tunnel or eat through a door or a window frame, it is normal for it to become stiff and hard to open and close.

When termites destroy the wood in the frames, it weakens and fills them with moisture. These two reasons are what prevent them from functioning properly.

Mud tubes in your Homes

When searching your home for termite damage, watch for brown cracks no wider than straw. Mud tubes look exactly like they sound. The termites build these tubes for extra protection and moisture. They are made of mud and termite droppings usually appear on walls, floors, beams, exterior walls, and the basement. They could also be along the perimeter of your home. Mud tubes are one of the easiest signs to locate and if found you must take action immediately.

Hollow walls

If termites are given enough time and not found on time can lead to weakening the integrity of your home. Termites consume wood from inside out, leaving a thin veneer or timber. The way to check for the same is if you know of a tap the wall will sound hollow or papery. These signs only happen when the termite infestation is left untreated for a long time. It’s always better to contact the Major Pest Control Canberra.